Tulisa: Sex, Scandal and being ‘Young’

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Out of the blue a sextape of Tulisa is made public – perfectly coinciding with the release of debut single, ‘Young’. Coincidence much?


Now, I’m not saying that Tulisa released the video herself in a bid to generate unbeatable publicity and media attention to make people more aware of her new single or anything – I would never insinuate such a thing! But hey, she wouldn’t be the first one if this is the case. There seems to be a trend among celebrities these days to release some kind of sextape or pull an (obvious) publicity stunt to create buzz, propelling them into the spotlight just when they’re about to release something they want us to take notice of. Kim Kardashian, Paris Hilton… just to name a few.


So do you think Tulisa was involved in the release of the video? Well, Tulisa took it upon herself to upload a video onto Youtube to explain – stating that the ‘sextape’ was made with ex-boyfriend Justin Edwards a.k.a MC Ultra when she was young and in love, however many just aren’t buying it. Why was the video footage released just days before your debut single Tulisa?! – It’s all rather a bit convenient. Adding even more fuel to the fire are the lyrics to the song.  Tulisa repeatedly sings: “Forgive me for what I have done ‘cos I’m young.” – she really isn’t helping herself at all is she?


Now the single itself comes as a bit of surprise as it is worlds away from the music she created with N-Dubz. Having jumped on to the ‘electro-pop’ wave that has taken over mainstream music the song is very upbeat and rather catchy, Ex- boyfriend Fazer didn’t do a bad job producing the video either. Filmed in Miami it gives you that chilled, summer feeling and I can already tell it will be one of those songs that you end up liking no matter how much you try not to.


Whether or not Tulisa released the video herself one thing is for sure – her fame is on the rise, sex tape or not and hey what’s the big deal, its just sex after all.

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